I often think of January 2nd as a start date. The start date. The date new intentions are implemented, new dreams of yesterday are now beginning to manifest themselves into actions, movements, shifts.

Today is the day I lay out my hopes, my thoughts, let them shift and rearrange and morph into a theme for the year.

Boundless. Bold. Brave.


For me, someone who has (and still does) excel in boundaries, simultaneously thinking both big and small, I set my intention for boundlessness. Boundless love, boundless hope, boundless capacity, boundless dreams.

In an era of endless boundaries, this feels both bold and brave. I rather enjoy how these feed each other.


This year, I choose to let my thoughts, my experience, my hopes, and my choices exceed the boundaries of my own four walls. As a teacher and leader for over 25 years, I am choosing to move and act on my experience, my wisdom, my intuition and accumulated anecdotal knowledge without apology or self-doubt, if I can help it. I started out long ago as bold, and while that fire is still flickering, rather than feed it over the years with positive and confident fuel, I have rather let it dim with the nature of teaching – the act and art of revision, of reflection. Oh…I believe in reflection and revision. And I will continue engaging in them. But I will push against the inclination to let them lead to self-doubt, to reduction, to smallness, to unproductive caution.


I choose to believe in me. I could write a book on that one, and maybe someday I will. For now, I’m leaving it at that. I am tested, experienced, growing and learning, and not without flaws. I choose to step forward anyway.

In boundless, bold, & brave ways,

I share me and my work with you to

transcend pedagogy,

pursuing learning & literacy for life.